Technical Rider

Techical Rider PDF


1: jack output Electro N’goni (incl efx)
2: stereo jack outputs from Loopstation
(incase of limited inputs: N’goni+ Loopstation come from mono output amp Hassie)

3: Shure vocal headset (Hassie’s) that needs Phantom !!
4: SM58 for direct Percussie
5: Overheads mics for Soundscapes Percussion (o.a. harmonium)
* stage monitor


1: Trumpet+Vocal via TC Helicon Voice live 3 (1 XLR output+1 jack output)
2: SM58: Vocal mic
(incase of limited inputs: Trompet/Vocal come from mono output amp Ania)

3: SM57 for direct percussion (Cuica & Hand Percussion)
4: mic for Hang
* stage monitor

* some plain drinking water on stage would be highly appreciated : )


Couple Positive Extra:

sm58: Mic Vocal

Wouter Schueler:
bass klarinet/bansuri flute/soundbawls: all one stereo output from own mixing desk

Other guests:

in the extended setting a minimum of 3 stage monitors are prefered