Technical Rider

Technical RIDER

Di: N’goni + Efx
Di: stereo jack outputs from Loopstation
sm58: Mic Vocal +
Hassie’s own Shure Headset that needs Phantom
sm58: Mic Percussie / Harmonium
(* option = totaal mix Hassie from jack output of the Amp: N’goni/Loops/Vocal,
amp functions as a monitor)

Di+SM57: Trumpet+Vocal via TC Helicon Voice live 3 (XLR output)
sm58: Vocal mic
sm57: Mic percussion (Cuica & Hand Percussion))
Di: Mbira/duimpiano

2 stage monitors are prefered


sm58: Mic Vocal
Di: XLR output Vocal effect (TC Helicon voice live touch2,

sm58: Mic Vocal
sm57: Mic voor Sansula (duimpiano)

in this extended setting a minimum of 3 stage monitors are prefered

(some plain drinking water on stage would be highly appreciated : )



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