Who we are & What we do

Couple Positive


 Hassie Dune & Ania Brzezińska

As “intergalactic Space Keepers” it is our duty to inspire people we meet on our path.
To make our audiences happy and bring them in action (movement & connection with all energies around them) is our mission and our main focus.
Our music as a Medicine to positively celebrate life in all its potential.


Our repertoire is very flexible  and depending of the needs of the moment,
we can bring acoustic vibes with a meditative flow for calm enjoyment,
but also easily change to our electric, move stimulating Dance music.

                     “Original music, that grooves, tickles and brings people together”

Inspired by music from all over the world, Couple Positive creates their own contemporary repertoire you could call our  World Music Dish.
Sweet tunes, African roots Funk-ed up, Jazzy melodies with Drum&Bass rhythms               Musical journeys colored with poetry and stories,
Pentatonic scales – Indian harmonies  & Shamanic energies  

Electro N’goni  (West-African harp) hooked up with space effects 
Hang drum – melodic hand drum
Scruti box – Indian harmonium

Cuica – Brasilian percussion instrument
 didgeridoo, percussion 
two Voices
A Loop station (beats, Loops & samples) & Electronic Drums

To get an idea of what we are about,
explore our website, Facebook, Instagram, bandcamp check our Linktree Account

LinkTree: https://linktr.ee/couplepositive


Performance Options (more info in tab top menu)

Couple Positive provides divers performance options,
adjusting to the possibilities of a location or the specific demands of a client.
We do concerts as a Duo, but also perform in combination with other artists.
If wanted/needed, we bring more crew members (Musicians/Dancers)

Besides regular “stage” shows on festivals and in clubs,
we perform in smaller settings as well.
(livingroom concerts / exposition events/ healing-ceremony sessions)

If You are interested in a Couple Positive Experience or want more detailed information, please send us a mail

EMAIL: info@couple-positive.nl