Press Info 2023

Couple Positive – intergalactic Space Keepers



Couple Positive from Amsterdam (Ania Brzezinska & Hassie Dune)
are pleased to introduce You to their unconventional and contemporary music

Moments of calmness (meditative) mixed with creative crazyness and dance stimulating electro grooves.
Repertoire with influences from the jazz idiom, gospel, funk, and ceremonial

Colourful soundscapes, relaxing melodies of handpan, electronic beats, live percussion, effects & loops, jazzy trumpet, harp from Burkina Faso – are the diversity of sounds of this alternative duo. From ambient vibes to move stimulating grooves.

Attending the concert is an experience of Positive Vibrations, joy and warm
energy of the musicians.

* The duo released their first funky &, joyful album “Welcome in our Livingroom”
in June 2020. In 2021 their second atmospheric album “Flow-tation” came out.
At the moment their 3rd album “Positive
dance-ables” is recorded.The

On this worked on. Currently recordings find  their third album with influences of funk roots

Hassie Dune -Electro N’goni (West African harp with wild effects),
Vocal, Percussion, Loopstation, Electronic drums

Ania Brzezinska – Trumpet, Vocal, Percussion, Handpan, Flute


Move Stimulating Fun Music /  Intimate Repertoire for Calm Enjoyment

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Besides performing as a duo, Couple Positive cooperates with 2 marvellous artists:

                 Couple Positive & Wouter Schueler

When Wouter adds saxophones, bansuri flutes, bass clarinet and singing bowls,
our repertoire fully blossoms.

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   Couple Positive & Sandhya Sanjana

Sandhya Sanjana is an Indian vocalist who integrates Indian classical singing with jazz and world music. Our musical adventure guarantees a colourful musical journey. Video link: