Press Info 2022

Couple Positive’s World Music Dish

“Original music, that grooves, tickles and brings people together”

Couple Positive – wizzards of soundscapes and positive vibrations.
With their remarkeble instruments, danceble rhythms, poetry and authentic appearance, they turn a concert into an inspiring experience.
It is the blending of natural acoustic sounds and electronics that make magic happen.

“Music is our Medicine”

Couple Positive performs a contemporary repertoire, that they call Urban Classic.
Self composed music with lots of room for improvisations.


Hassie Dune – electro N’goni, Percussion, Vocal, Soundscapes Effects & Loops
Ania Brzezinska – Trumpet, Handpan, Percussion, Vocal

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Besides performing as a duo, Couple Positive cooperates with 2 marvellous artists: Wouter Schueler and Sandhya Sanjana.

                 Couple Positive & Wouter Schueler

When Wouter adds saxophones, bansuri flutes, bass clarinet, singing bowls, the repertoire fully blossoms. Moments of calmness (meditative) mixed with creative crazyness and dance stimulating electro grooves.

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   Couple Positive & Sandhya Sanjana

Sandhya Sanjana is an Indian vocalist who integrates Indian classical singing with jazz and world music. Our musical adventure guarantees a colourful musical journey. Video link: