recording journal “Welcome in our Living Room”

Recording journal 1: “Welcome in our Living Room” 2020

An experiment that never ends…. (Story of Hassie Dune)

This 1st cd of Couple Positive represents a long musical journey,
starting already in 2013. After years of playing as a drummer, percussionist and bass player, the N’goni suddenly made its appearance in my (musical) life.
The sweet sound of this calabash Harp (originated from Burkina Faso & Mali)
touched my heart at once. It inspired me to play alone (a new experience
because I had always played in groups, accompanying other musicians)
and it gave me the possibility to create tunes and vibes in nature
(no need for electricity). Wauw.
So I started composing my own original material, which was definitely inspired
by West African music, but not at all restricted by any rules and perspectives from
its original traditional/cultural context. (* know that the Kamele N’goni has its roots
in the Hunter society since the early days, and that it has always played a specific role in this sub-culture, helping establish cultural truths & beliefs)

I wanted to freely express myself on this beautiful instrument, and be able
to let flow any idea, sound, and vibe that presented itself to me …
My history as a Funk-a-teer and my love for freakie guitar effects, led me to build my own textures and color palettes.
A wish for leading lines in the music challenged me to start to use my voice while playing and performing
(something I could not imagine I could and would ever do…).
And though I do not consider myself a singer at all, I discovered the pleasure of telling & performing stories.
Slowly my Groovie Dune repertoire started to unfold itself, with an Art exposition of my father in 2013, as the reference point of my new musical path. Some of the songs on this CD had their first official airplay at that moment.

It was the musical communication of instruments in 2015
(Ania’s Cuica barking to me, and my N’goni growling back), that formed a solid connection between me and Miss Brzezinska.
Steadily, we started to combine our musical skills (n’goni, trumpets, percussion, etc),
more & more working as a team in diverse musical projects & groups.
Our lives started to mingle & merge completely, resulting in the existence of our own duo project Couple Positive (+)
We started sharing Life, with music twinkling in it as the essential energy to keep both of us happy and on track.
Jamming, reworking old compositions, and most of all, creating new Tunes.

This CD is the 1st outcome of this last episode of 4 years of collaboration.
We started recording in 2016 in our living room (the Groovie Dune home-studio).
Nailing down all musical ideas so far, and further exploring whatever we felt and could imagine on top of these Tunes.
In the light of “making Tracks Stage ready”, the recording sessions turned out to be a perfect way to work out the material in final arrangements (that of course changed after (…the evolution of a song never ends…).

By releasing this album we officially celebrate this first episode of making music together as Couple Positive.

We wish you a wonderful time listening, and we welcome you to our Life & Living room. Positive intentions, our feelings reflected in musical frequencies, and all our sounds resonating in our space (our home) …
and yeah…Maybe not the best quality (sound-wise) but most definitely the closest connection with what is our heart and life.

Love & Light
Hassie Dune

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