Couple Positive

 Couple Positive ( Duo) :

                                       A :  Rhythm & Roots (active set)
                                       B :  Intimate Vibe (lounge set)

In tune with Your wishes we perform repertoire (from our own compositions)  that fits the audience and occasion best …

A: Rhythm & Roots (party service)
The accent is an active performance. This means we make use of our full repertoire. We mix sweat, easy and poetic vibes with more raw, electric beat-oriented tunes.

B :  Intimate Vibe (meditative soundscaping)
The accent is on soft, intimate songs and soundscapes. Music to calmly enjoy
(Also See the Tab “Soundhealing & Meditation”)

Get the Impression:
                                                                   Couple Positive:
Original, Move Stimulating Fun Music /  Intimate Repertoire for Calm Enjoyment