Couple Positive

 Couple Positive ( Duo) :

                                       A :  Rhythm & Roots (active set)
                                       B :  Intimate Vibe (lounge set)

In tune with Your wishes we perform repertoire (from our own compositions)  that fits the audience and occasion best.

A: Rhythm & Roots (party service)
The accent is an active performance. This means we make use of our full repertoire. We mix sweat, easy and poetic vibes with more raw, electric  beat oriented tunes.

B :  Intimate Vibe (meditative soundscaping)
The accent is on soft, intimate songs and soundscapes. Music to calmly enjoy
(Also See the Tab “Soundhealing & Meditation”)

Get the Impression:
                                                                   Couple Positive:
Original, Move Stimulating Fun Music /  Intimate Repertoire for Calm Enjoyment