Couple Positive (Duo) performs in divers settings

Adjusted to the wishes of the client,
we play our Rhythm & Roots repertoire in Clubs, at Partys, and on Festivals…
we provide Meditative Soundscapes and Easy Tunes for special occasions….

          We take care of Living room vibes. Accompany all kinds of Ceremonial settings
     ( Peace meetings-Meditation lessons-Initiations-Funerals, and everything in between )
         We bring positive energy and senses tickling music to people in Senior houses
   Besides our DUO shows, Couple Positive also performs in combination with other artists
  Part of our extended crew are singer Sandhya Sanjana ( GONGURA ), and poet Mees Bangert.        ( more musicians / ambiance creators / dansers can be added to a show, if wanted )


Couple Positive:
Original, Move Stimulating Fun Music /  Intimate Repertoire for Calm Enjoyment
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