Couple Positive performs in various settings


Adjusted to the wishes of the client,
we play our Rhythm & Roots repertoire in Clubs, at Parties and on Festivals
we provide Meditative Soundscapes and Ambiant background music

We take care of Living room vibes,
ccompany all kinds of Ceremonial settings:
Peace meetings, Meditation lessons, Initiations, Funerals and everything in between.

We bring positive energy and senses tickling music to people in Senior houses.

Besides performing as a duo, Couple Positive cooperates with 2 marvelous artists:

Couple Positive & Wouter Schueler

When Wouter adds saxophones, bansuri flutes, bass clarinet and singing bowls,
our repertoire fully blossoms.

Video link:

Couple Positive & Sandhya Sanjana

Sandhya Sanjana is an Indian vocalist who integrates Indian classical singing with jazz and world music. Our musical adventure guarantees a colorful musical journey. Video link:

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