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Couple Positive Seniors show in Bergen



concert for 4 people in the house of Babcia.
Honouring our Grandma Teresa Wyszomirska RIP 3-12-18 and celebrating
the 45 wedding anniversary of Andrzej & Barbara Kuzas.



living room concert Couple Positive & Sandhya Sanjana : “Together”



living room concert Gongura (Couple Positive & Sandhya Sanjana) : “Fluid”



Compilation of Gongura livingroom concert early 2018



CD releaase party Blue Camel by Bandgladesh (Soefi Tempel Katwijk – 20-4-19)




the Elements celebrating Earthday 2019




Bandgladesh videoclip “What you gonna do” (at Palais de Tokyo / Paris)
video by VisualSusana



Couple Positive & The Other World – Bretagne 2018



Furaké compilation ZAAL100 vs OT301 (Amsterdam)


It's Furaké now on stage at Magma Festival Noorderlicht Café. Come and join us here on the banks of the river Het Ij! Many more bands and Djs to come till 4 o'clock tonight!

Geplaatst door Magma Music Festival op Zaterdag 2 september 2017

Furaké at Noorderlicht, Magma Festival (Amsterdam)



Bandgladesh at Griasdi festival (Austria) 2016 – clip Bombaclass




Nusodia Promo Clip made by Couple (+) and Bombaclass


Nusodia Ruigoord 5-8-2017




Couple Positive & The Other World – a compilation from the first rehearsals and the final concert in Ruigoord 🙂




Couple Positive (+) Extended at Ooh La La 2018
featuring Sandhya Sanjana & Mees Bangert



Disco to go, fun clip – Amsterdam 24-11-2018

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