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CD 1  “Welcome in our Living Room” (2020)
An experience of different styles and flavours: a little Raw, a little Slow ( like food ) some funky, groovie & freakie, some sweet and touching, but definitely all original style



CD 2  “Flow-tation” (2021)
This  album represents the ceremonial & meditative
side of our repertoire




CD 3  “Live Spirits(2021)
Collaboration of Couple Positive and Wouter Schueler
A live recording of our musical assistence during a BUR Health ceremony.
Totally intuitive Flowing energy


—————————  upcoming Albums ————————


We are workin’ on our next album “Positive Dance-ables”.
release beginning 2024

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(*)  teaser of “Raw like a Diamond” *2018  (slow BPM movin’ )