Couple Positive & Wouter Schueler

                                           Couple Positive & Wouter Schueler

If music manifests itself in synchronicity with the Energy around, pure magic can happen.
When Couple Positive and Wouter Schueler meet, a repertoire pops up that swings through sentiments. Moments of calmness (meditative),
creative crazyness and dance stimulating electro grooves.

Lets blossom and become the live Spirits we are Music is our Medicine

Hassie Dune: electro N’goni, Scruti box, Percussion, Vocal, Soundscapes & Loops Ania Brzezinska: Trumpet, Hang, Percussion and Didgeridoo Wouter Schueler: Bansuri Flutes, Bass Clarinet, Singing Bowls and Ambiant Sounds

Our first live CD, “Live Spirit” is available. You can order it sending us email or go to  Bandcamp

Check the videos & music and get in touch with us if you need musical support for your sessions!


1 hour live meditation music part 1/ Couple Positive & Wouter Schueler at BUR

Ether videoclip- Couple Positive ft. Wouter Schueler

Meditation, healing, relaxation music live by Couple Positive & Wouter Schueler “Live Spirits” pt.2

Listen with Headphones to better hear the sound of Bolon