Couple Positive & Wouter Schueler

                        Couple Positive & Wouter Schueler

When Wouter adds saxophones, bansuri flutes, bass clarinet, and singing bowls, the repertoire of Couple Positive fully blossoms.
Moments of calmness (meditative), creative craziness and dance-stimulating electro grooves.


Hassie Dune: electro N’goni, Scruti box, Percussion, Vocal, Soundscapes & Loops Ania Brzezinska: Trumpet, Hang, Percussion and Didgeridoo
Wouter Schueler: Bansuri Flutes, Bass Clarinet, Singing Bowls and Ambient Sounds

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The first live CD of Couple Positive & Wouter Schueler,  “Live Spirit”  is available.
You can order it sending us email or go to  Bandcamp

Please check the videos & music below as well
enjoy and get in touch with us if you need musical support for your sessions!



1 hour live meditation music part 1/ Couple Positive & Wouter Schueler at BUR

Ether videoclip- Couple Positive ft. Wouter Schueler

Meditation, healing, relaxation music live by Couple Positive & Wouter Schueler “Live Spirits” pt.2

Listen with Headphones to better hear the sound of Bolon